chargebacks and the IOT

Chargebacks and the IOT

As if chargebacks weren’t already a difficult enough problem to solve, as a business owner, you’re now having to deal with chargebacks and the IOT (Internet of Things). If you’ve visited any tech sites, or frankly made a purchase within the last 2 years, you’re already well aware of the Internet of Things and smart devices. Like most technology, the job of smart/connected devices is to make our lives easier. They certainly do that, but they can also complicate things – hence the title of this article, chargebacks and the IOT.

How Could Smart Devices Be Dumb?

Not to offend anybody, but it’s not the devices that are causing chargebacks – it’s us! Here are two prime examples of chargebacks and the IOT:

  • Smart Home Hub (Alexa/Google Home) – you accidentally order your regular grocery list to be delivered to your house, forgetting that you’ll be gone for 2 days. The food spoils on your doorstep, you can’t get a refund from the grocery store since the food is bad, and you have no other recourse. Chargeback!
  • Smartphone (iPhone, Android) – your son or daughter accidentally buys $100 worth of Candy Crush credits. You complain through the app store support, they say the purchase was legit. Chargeback!

Imagine how many more times this could happen with more smart devices being worked into the mix! Also, don’t forget, you have several chargeback time limits to abide by as well – to respond and resolve these disputes.

Biggest Thing Merchants Need to Know About Chargebacks and the IOT

If you’re a merchant, chargebacks are going to happen – there’s no fighting that. However, when it comes to chargebacks and the IOT, there are ways to safe guard yourself. The #1 way to avoid these exact type of chargebacks – find a solution provider that will automatically prevent and fight chargebacks for you! That’s the biggest thing you need to know.

Companies like Midigator exist for that sole purpose! The last thing you want to do is manually fight chargebacks, and you most likely don’t have the resources to actively prevent them. Software and technology is the answer. It’s passive, meaning it’s always happening in the background without any effort from you, and it’ll help you sleep at night.

Check back here for more on chargebacks and the IOT, as well as more articles on how you can successfully use chargeback management software.

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